Pharmacovigilance Committee

The East Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been established with the consent of RGUHS. The Pharmaco-vigilance Committee has been reconstituted as a part of academics and is appended below:

Sl.No Names and Designation Status in the Committee Phone No
1 Dr. Prabhakar.B
Principal & Prof. of General Medicine
Chairman 9448530033
2 Dr.Prem.D.Kumar
Dean & Director
Member 7337872925
3 Dr. Narendra.p.Datti
Medical Superintendent
Member 7349436111
4 Dr. Bhaskar
Prof & HOD of Pharmacology
Coordinator 9597394168
5 Dr Santhosh Kumar
Assistant Prof. of Pharmacology
Assoc. Coordinator 7353374992
6 Dr. Ziaulla Shariff
Prof. And HOD of Surgery
Member 9448750664
7 Dr. Anand Talikoti
Prof. & HOD of Anaesthsiology
Member 9986093837
8 Dr. Kalavathi Biradar
Prof.of OBG
Member 9008067868
9 Dr. Rajeshwari K A
Prof. and HOD of Ophthalmology
Assistant Prof of Dermatology 9599697807
10 Ms. Shubashini K Joel
Nursing Administrator
Member 9980853044
11 Mr. Mahapati Kulkarni

The main functions of the Committee shall include the assessment of the incidences of adverse reactions to medicines, vaccines and devices used on the patients in the hospital and maintain the records of the same up to date. They shall ensure necessary follow up action to avoid such incidents or lapses and advise the Principal of the action taken. They shall also periodically audit the treatment modalities and suggest improvements where indicated.

The Committee shall maintain a database of all notified ADRs and shall be responsible for assessing proposals for drug trials in the hospital.