Sports Committee

The East Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been established with the consent of RGUHS. The sports activities are part of curriculum for the Physical Education of the students. The students are given coaching and prepared for participation in such sporting events, games and athletics and also tournaments in inter-collegiate and national level. It is imperative to adopt the latest methods for training and coaching like bio-mechanics of sports techniques, exercise etc. A calendar of sports events should be drawn well before the commencement of the academic session including indoor games, gym, yoga and other sports.

Accordingly a Sports Committee has been reconstituted as follows.

Sl.No Name & Designation Status in the Committee Contact Phone No
1 Dr. Prabhakar.B
Principal & Prof. of General Medicine
Chairman 080 - 25136200
2 Dr.Sapna
Assoc. Prof. of General Surgery
Member 080 - 25136200
3 Dr. Santhosh
Asst. Prof. of Pharmacology
Member 080 - 25136200
4 Dr.Merin
Asst. Prof. of Anatomy
Member 080 - 25136200
5 Dr. Harish
Asst. Prof. of Physiology
Member 080 - 25136200
6 Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Asst. Prof of Forensic Medicine
Member 080 - 25136200
7 Mr. Mobin
Physical Instructor
Member 080 - 25136200
8 Dr. Guruprasad
Asso. Prof of Dentistry
Member-Secretary 080 - 25136200

The committee shall meet as frequently as possible at least once in three months to review the activities relating to sports and games for sponsoring the students for participation in the tournaments and events and particularly the inter-collegiate sports meet conducted by RGUHS besides National level athletic.