College Council Committee

The East Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been established with the consent of RGUHS. The College Council has been reconstituted in accordance to the norms as given below:

East Point College of Medical Sciences, East Point Hospital, East Point Group of Institutions
Sl. No. Name Designation Phone numbers
1 Dr. Prabhakar.B
Principal & Prof. of General Medicine
Chairman 080-25136200
2 Dr. Prem D Kumar
Dean/ Director/Prof. & Head of General Medicine
Special Invitee 080-25136200
3 Dr.Narendra. P. Datti
Medical Superintendent
Special Invitee 080-25136200
4 Dr. Sunil Hegde
Executive Medical Officer
Special Invitee 080-25136200
5 Dr. Ziaulla Shariff
Prof. & HOD of General Surgery
Member 080-25136200
6 Dr. Vijendra Simha
Prof. & HOD of ENT
Member 080-25136200
7 Dr.Muralidhar
Prof. & HOD of Orthopaedics
Member 080-25136200
8 Dr. Manjoo Reddy
Prof. & HOD of Ophthalmology
Member 080-25136200
9 Dr. Anand Talikoti
Prof & HOD of Anaesthesia
Member 080-25136200
10 Dr. Ramachandra Prasad
Prof & HOD of Radio-Diagnosis
Member 080-25136200
11 Dr. Kalavathi Biradar
Prof. & HOD of OBG
Member 080-25136200
12 Dr.Venkatarathnamma
Prof. & HOD of General Medicine
Member 080-25136200
13 Dr.Kiran
Prof. & HOD of Paediatrics
Member 080-25136200
14 Dr. Bhaskar
Prof. & HOD of Pharmacology
Member 080-25136200
15 Dr. Vivek. H
Prof. & HOD of Microbiology
Member 080-25136200
16 Dr. Madhusmita Jena
Prof. & HOD of Pathology
Member 080-25136200
17 Dr. A G Kulkarni
Prof. & HOD of Community Medicine
Member 080-25136200
18 Dr. Govind Raj
Prof. & HOD of Forensic Medicine
Member 080-25136200
19 Dr. Balachandra N
Prof. & HOD of Anatomy
Member 080-25136200
20 Dr. K I King
Prof. & HOD of Physiology
Member 080-25136200
21 Dr. D.S Raghavendra
Prof. & HOD of Biochemistry
Member 080-25136200
22 Dr. Niranjan
Prof. & HOD of Dentistry
Member 080-25136200
23 Dr. Hemanth
Assoc. Prof. & HOD of Psychiatry
Member 080-25136200
24 Dr. Adarsh
Prof & HOD of Dermatology
Member 080-25136200
25 Dr.Sesha Sai
Asst. Prof. & i/c HOD of Pulmonary Medicine
Member 080-25136200
26 Dr.R. Ram Raj Urs
Director of learning Resource & Academics
Member Secretary 080-25136200
27 Dr. G V. Niranjan
Assoc. Prof of Community Medicine
Member Secretary 080-25136200

The College Council shall draft all the policies pertaining to academics, like academic standards, academic program planning, curriculum revision and development, faculty personal matters , the Graduate programme and Research activities. The College Council shall also organize interdepartmental meetings like grand rounds, statistical meeting and clinico-pathological meetings, clinical meetings and review and evaluation of teaching activities.

The Council shall meet as frequently as required but at least once in a Quarter.