Students Disciplinary Committee

The East Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been established with the consent of RGUHS.

With a view to pursue the prevalence of a healthy environment by regulating discipline among the students in the campus and to develop machinery to regulate the behavior of students it is considered necessary to constitute Students Disciplinary Committee.

Accordingly Students Disciplinary Committee is constituted to take cognizance of indiscipline and unruly behavior of students both in the College and in the Hostel by inflicting the penalties commensurate with the acts of misdemeanor by the students.

Sl.No Name & Designation Status in the Committee Contact Phone No
1 Dr. Prabhakar.B
Principal & Prof. of General Medicine
Chairman 080 - 25136200
2 Dr. Narendra.P.Datti
Medical Superintendent
Member 080 - 25136200
3 Dr. Vidhyavathi
Prof. of Pathology
Member 080 - 25136200
4 Dr. Sumathi
Prof. of Biochemistry
Member 080 - 25136200
5 Dr. Mohammed Azmathulla Khan
Prof. of Physiology
Member 080 - 25136200
6 Dr.Roopashree Ramakrishna
Prof of Anatomy
Member 080 - 25136200
7 Dr. Madhumathi
Prof. of Microbiology
Member 080 - 25136200
8 Dr.Guruprasad
Assoc. Prof. of Dentistry
Member 080 - 25136200
9 Dr.Jolene
Assoc. Prof. of ENT
Member 080 - 25136200
Prof. of General Surgery
Member Secretary 080 - 25136200

The committee shall take cognizance of the complaints or allegations received against the students. If the misdemeanor is minor, mild or moderate warranting admonition such cases could be dealt with at the individual level by the concerned HOD/Medical Superintendent. Otherwise it shall be referred to the Students Disciplinary Committee.

The meetings of the committee shall be held as frequently as may be deemed necessary as and when complaints are received or at least once in three months. The recommendations of the Committee shall be submitted to the management or referred to the concerned functionaries for imposition of such penalties proportionate to the gravity, magnitude, nature and degree of misconduct or misbehavior made out or proved in an inquiry against delinquents.